Our Products

Fusuma, a wood-framed sliding door, has been used as a partition between two rooms in Japan since the Heian period. It helps clean the air and control the humidity of the room. These effects are discovered by our ancestors who are proficient in Japanese paper. Fusuma made of Japanese paper provides comfortable living.

Putting Japanese paper on the wall gives a room comfort in humidity in all seasons. The atmosphere and warmth the Japanese paper provides due to its natural materials make you feel relaxed and cozy.

Shoji paper blocks direct sunlight moderately and disperses the light over the whole room. Because of this function, the room gets a lot of sunshine and warmth. Most of our Shoji paper filters more than 97 percent of ultraviolet rays. Moreover, the humidity conditioning effect prevents dew condensation from forming on the windows during winter. The material is suitable for places like Japan wherein excessive humidity naturally occurs.

The soft and luxurious texture of a Japanese paper decorates items such as merchandise packagings and stationery dynamically and beautifully. Decorative paper / Decoration paper has various ways of usage. We introduce our products according to the purpose of use.

We handle papers designed exclusively for writing and painting such as Echizen Kumohada Mashi (literally hemp-made paper, the texture of which is like cloud and which is created in Echizen area) and Echizen Xuan paper. We customize according to your preference (thickness, size and glaze percentage) which corresponds to the use of application.

We handle various kinds of products concerning mounting from door knobs for Fusuma, dowels and sticks for hanging scroll to glue and fine brush. We have luxury products such as Heiankyō, Mitsuboshi, Tsukiesu, Yamato as well as popular ones.