The sample book, Shinyamatobi was newly revised in 2017, when it has been 60 years since the first edition of the sample collection.
This book collects two types of our products: Shinyamatobi, which was renovated in a fresh way recently and Komagami, which has been popular among a wide range of industries such as printing, bookbinding, packaging, certificate of merit, stationery, wedding, craft design, clothing and so forth. It also consists of two parts: one volume regarding simple and basic design and two volumes regarding gorgeous and beautiful design, so that it could be easier for you to see and choose. We promise you to discover a new aspect of Echizen Washi that you have never seen. “Shinyamatobi” is the very symbol of our hope that people will find Japanese paper closer and more useful, and that we would like to preserve the Japanese traditional beauty for the next generation.

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We handle various types of Japanese paper from interior materials such as Fusuma paper and wallpaper to printing papers and decorative papers according to your needs.
We also have hanging scrolls and products for mounting and construction work.
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