Fusuma paper

Fusuma, a wood-framed sliding door, has been used as a partition between two rooms in Japan since the Heian period. It helps clean the air and control the humidity of the room. These effects are discovered by our ancestors who are proficient in Japanese paper. Fusuma made of Japanese paper provides comfortable living.

The list of samples of Fusuma paper

■恵知禅 “Echizen”

“Echizen, fifth collection” is our original integrated sample book about Fusuma paper, paper for writing and painting and wallpaper. You can find luxury handmade Japanese paper as well as popular and inexpensive products in this book.

Number of items: 327 kinds
Usage: Fusuma paper, Byōbu, etc.

■越路 “Koshiji”

“Koshiji” is our original collection that focuses more on reasonable and popular products than listed in “Echizen, fifth collection.” This book would be good for those who think of Japanese paper as expensive or those who cannot choose one from many kinds. The collection is so handy that it would be best for occasions such as meetings.

Number of items: 130 kinds
Usage: Fusuma paper, Byōbu, etc.

■花舞 vol.2 “Hanamai vol.2”

This sample book features Iro Torinoko, (literally translated as “bird’s egg with colours”) which is named after its shiny appearance and reminiscent of variously coloured eggshell. We revised it on February, 2013 for the first time in 15 years. In this book, you will see Urauchi papers (a piece of paper stuck behind a cover paper for prevention against crease) that meet various standards of exhibition, and gold/silver-sprinkled or Kira (mica) printed papers that are used for mounting, as well as popular types of Iro Torinoko. This user-friendly book considers the needs of our customers.

Number of items: 92 kinds
Usage: Fusuma paper, mounting, Byōbu, Urauchi (Sticking another paper behind a paper so that it will not be loose) etc.

■MO -more stylish vol.3-

MO is a collection of Echizen Washi under the concept of “simple,” “stylish” and “basic.” We highly recommend suppliers to refer to this book because these samples are available for massive orders. This book is also in handy A4 size.

Number of items: 20 kinds
Usage: Fusuma paper etc.



Shin Torinoko Fusuma paper【Shizuka / Kakubē / Hanari】
High-quality Torinoko Fusuma paper【Hibari / Yutaka】
High-class Torinoko Suki Moyō Fusuma paper【Seihō】

■Textile-made Fusuma Paper

Noren / Hōsen / Fukuju / Kazuga / Yachiyo / Takasago

We handle various types of Japanese paper from interior materials such as Fusuma paper and wallpaper to printing papers and decorative papers according to your needs.
We also have hanging scrolls and products for mounting and construction work.
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