Document Paper, Painting Paper 

Art × Washi

Echizen Kumohada Mashi, hemp-made paper which is created in the Echizen area, the texture of which is like cloud, and Echizen Kizukibōshoshi, which is known as the top quality Japanese paper, are used for painting and have fascinated modern and contemporary Japanese painting artists such as Taikan Yokoyama, Matazō Kayama, Ikuo Hirayama, and recently, in particular, Yayoi Kusama and Takeshi Kitano, who have gained overwhelming popularity as painters all over the world. The two top-of-the-line papers have been employed even now for painting and restoration of works of art due to its superb quality. The continuous scrutiny and effort of our ancestors made it possible to develop the colour of pigments, have the strength that endures hard pressure of a writing brush and repeated printmaking, and have the preservability that keep the quality for over hundreds of years. Echizen Washi will be going down in history using pure water in the Echizen area, techniques and hearts of our ancestors.

Education × Washi

Elementary and junior high schools in Fukui prefecture use handmade Echizen Washi as materials for art class such as painting and ink wash painting. They use it not only because it is a local product, but because painting something on a paper that is as high quality as ones on which professional artists draw, stimulates the children’s five senses and enables the children to get interested in Washi as well as in art itself. Our company cut papers according to the size you would like and serve boards made of Washi which can be displayed as soon as you finish painting. By doing so, we support you in providing a conducive environment for education.

Document Paper and Paper for Painting Available


Kizukibōshoshi, carefully produced by a living national treasure, Ichibē Iwano

■Nihonga (Japanese Painting)

Tesuki Kumohada Mashi, produced by Iwano Heizaburō Paper Manufacturing Factory

■Document Paper

Kizukidanshi (a crape shaped high quality paper with wrinkles on surface), Tesuki Xuan paper, Tesuki Hōshoshi (previously used as official document)

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