Shoji Paper

Good points of Shoji paper

■Soft Touch of Sun Light

Shoji paper made of Japanese paper enables soft light to penetrate by moderately blocking direct sunlight. It also disperses the light over the whole room.

■Cutting of Ultraviolet Rays

Most of our Shoji paper filter more than 97 percent of ultraviolet rays and reduce the damage brought inside the room.

■Saving Electricity Expense

Direct sunlight causes frequent usage of heating and cooling appliance. During summer, Shoji paper avoids the rapid elevation of room temperature by absorbing and dispersing direct sunlight. In the case of making the room warm, on the other hand, it prevents radiative cooling at night and diminishes the extreme cooling down at the window by means of making a ray of air between window and room. The Shoji paper is said to reduce heat loss more than double flamed sash made of aluminium.

■Control of Humidity

Shoji paper has the ability to absorb humidity, which is unique to Japanese paper, so that it prevents dew condensation from forming on the windows during winter. And in the case of dry season, the paper moderately releases the humidity that it preserves so that the room temperature will not go up.

■Unique atmosphere

Shoji paper has been used in Japan for over 1,200 years since the Heian period and it is no exaggeration to say that Shoji paper is an indispensable item for Japanese houses. It is this shoji paper that produces graceful atmosphere peculiar to Japan, such as a Japanese-style room in which the smell of mat rush comes from Tatami mat and a garden view that you see behind the Shoji paper-covered windows and doors.

Shoji Paper Available

■Standard, High Class Shoji Paper

Toki / Blackless / Unylon / Lontex / Sun Ray Royal / Designed Shoji paper Sawayaka

■Exclusive Shoji Paper

Kōzoshi, Chōseiden / Tesuki (handmade) Shoji paper, Gekkyūden / Tesuki Shoji paper, Amagokujō

■Shoji Paper Difficult to Break

Sun up / Tough top

■Unbreakable Shoji Paper

MAX / Home Warlon / Warlon sheet

■Coloured Shoji Paper

Pink / Blue / Green / Yellow


Summer silk / Shoji paper into which thread is knit

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