The List of samples of Fusuma paper

■Echizen Washi wallpaper E-wall

This sample book deals with water-repelling wallpaper made of Japanese paper. The entire process from papermaking to processing is done here in Echizen. E-wall absorbs moisture when it is humid and it gives off moisture as well when it gets dry. The equipment prevents dew condensation in winter from occurring as well as molds in rainy season. And it also does not generate any volatile substances harmful to human bodies such as formaldehyde, which causes sick house syndrome. Since the method of Urauchi (prevention of crease and line on papers) is applied to the back of already anti-crease processed paper by using another piece of paper, there is no problem in terms of its sturdiness in the case of construction.

Number of items: 26 kinds
Usage: Wallpaper, etc.

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