Company Overview

Company name Yamagishi Washi Ten Co., Ltd
President and CEO Daisuke Yamagishi
Address of the corporation Nōka 6-14, Echizen City, Fukui, Japan
Location of the office Sadatomo 23-7-1, Echizen City, Fukui, Japan
Tel +81-778-43-0308
Fax (International phone number) +81-778-43-0310

Company history

1949 Established Kishimoto Sōgorō Kami Ten at Nōka Town 6-14, Echizen City (former Imadate Town, Imadate Country), Fukui Prefecture.
1955 Changed its company name to Yamagishi Washi Ten.
1983 Newly relocated the company and moved to Sadatomo Town 23-10, Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture.
1984 Changed its company name to Yamagishi Washi Ten Co., Ltd. (Corporation registered)
1999 Newly relocated the company and moved to Sadatomo Town 23-7-1, Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture.

Business Description

  • Design and wholesale of paper, particularly Echizen Washi
  • Various kinds of paper processing such as screen printing, spraying, lamination, crumpling, emboss, sprinkling of gold and silver, glazing (sizing), cutting etc.
  • Wholesale of materials for mounting such as door knobs, dowels for scrolls, golden dowels for scrolls, veneering, Ukigami (paper inserted between wood blocks and cover paper used when making Fusuma or movable room panels) etc.
  • Washi-made towel, accessories and business card

We are a trading firm handling mainly Echizen Washi (Japanese paper made in Echizen area, Fukui), by which we produce Fusuma paper, Komagami (paper used for decoration, stationery or printing paper and small compared to Fusuma paper and wallpaper), Japanese wallpaper and so on. We do our best to develop new ideas and products so that our customers can satisfy their needs. Please take a look at the catalogue of our original Japanese paper. We hope that this website connects you with us. We would appreciate contacting us if you have any questions or inquiries on Echizen Washi.