Sogoro,” Our New Brand That Launched in 2017

On August, 2017, we started our original brand, “Sogoro,” which mainly deals with gift items made from Japanese paper. This is our new approach to handle planning and wholesale purchases.
Chanting our slogan of “an attempt to create new things by studying the past through scrutiny of the old”, we provide you with different kinds of items, by using the techniques that have been handed down for generations and at the same time by adding new methods in harmony with our lifestyle at the same time.

The Design of the Logo

The logo is a union of the Yamagishi family’s crest, Ken Katabami, which combines three swords and three leaves, and aibika, a flowering plant that has five light yellow petals.
In Japan, Aibika is commonly called “Neri,” which literally means to knead. The plant plays an important role in binding water and ingredients such as kōzo when it comes to making Japanese paper.
Likewise, we hope that Sogoro will bond the local community, Japanese paper and our customers all together.

The founder of Yamagishi Washi ten, Sōgorō Yamagishi

Our brand is named after the founder of our company, Sōgorō Yamagishi.
It is because of his effort that we currently do business in making Japanese paper. The designation expresses our deepest respect for the man through leaving his mark with the times.
We aim to expand overseas here from Fukui.

Gift items

We plan and sell various kinds of item made of Japanese paper, including daily-based products such as Kaishi, a handy Japanese paper that you can take with you in your pocket and Pochi bag, a decorative envelope.
We strive to create products that that evoke a feeling of amusement from our customers who purchase them or simply check them out.
We are planning to start accepting orders of semi-custom made products dealing with a small quantity order such as Kaishi with one’s name on it.